Saturday, February 28, 2015

The 21st Century?


  1. I think this article brings up a really important issue in conversations around LGBT rights: To what point should the denouncing of homosexuality be legally considered a religious belief as opposed to outright discrimination and in what contexts? I think gay marriage is a little bit easier than this issue in many cases because it is arguing for equal rights that are part of the legal institution of marriage in the United States—and can more easily fit into arguments for the separation of church and state, etc. In a religious school, however, the administration can determine which parts of the Bible/Christian faith that they choose to emphasize and espouse, and for many that is considered to be a religious freedom and right. BUT I guess if the institution wishes to issue valid diplomas that are recognized by the state, there is an incentive to recognize and prevent these rights violations... It's a tricky one...

    1. I am a little confused about the last part of your comment, is there a relationship between the validity of an institutions diploma and it being recognized by the state? International student ignorance!

  2. haha actually i didn't even know, i just assumed :p here's a link to some accreditation details: So I guess the organizations that accredit are private, but their decision leads to potential federal funding.... hmm....Not sure though exactly how strict the criteria is for accreditation... and I'm not sure if there are certain issues that NEED to be ignored to maintain a certain "neutrality" on the part of the organization that grants these (i.e. religious affiliation)... but I would assume they also need to take into account that certain universities protect the basic rights of their students.... dunno dunno dunno ;)