Monday, February 9, 2015

Gay People Against Gay Marriage

This article is interesting in looking at the rationale behind some gay opposition towards gay marriage.  Looking at the values that they hold dear and associate with marriage hints at many of the issues we have read about regarding the purpose of marriage


  1. I think this conversation is a really important one to have. There's a contradictory aspect to "gay marriage" that a lot of people overlook, and the heteronormative, patriarchal nature of marriage is rarely brought to the table in discussions of marriage equality. That being said, I am a proponent of legalizing gay marriage and allowing people—if they so choose—to be able to have that title/ceremony/document/etc. For some, marriage is an institution that holds a lot of significance and that legitimizes feelings of intimacy and strengthens relationships. It is a part of a lot of people's cultures—religious and otherwise—and I believe that it can be a means of reconciling different parts of an individual's identity (e.g., being Catholic and lesbian). However, I am opposed to denying certain rights to people who do NOT choose marriage. Marriage, in my opinion, should be a personal choice that has no bearing on one's rights/abilities to act and participate as a citizen, and there is a fundamental contradiction in having a religious document hold this type of influence in a "secular" democracy. In short: yes, marriage is a pretty messed up, patriarchal, and heteronormative contract/practice, but people should have the right to be oppressed through that system if they so choose.

  2. This article was certainly not what I was expecting when I clicked on it. Despite one mention of violence toward trans* people, the article seemed to follow the logic of "well we're going to create our own club since we can't join yours." I guess I was expecting a discussion about how the support given to marriage equality has actually harmed other segments of the lgbtq community (who may not even have access to marriage) including queer people of color and trans* people (beyond their single shout out). But Luke does bring up the contradictory feelings that "gay marriage" can provoke, that is, while I really wish resources were being directed toward other concerns for LGBTQ people, a part of me does wistfully imagine getting married in a similar way that I've seen others get married.