Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Boehning (R-ND) votes against gay rights bill and is seen on Grindr.

Article can be found here.

Curious to hear people's thoughts not only on the possibility of internalized homophobia present in this situation but on the nature/tone of news coverage as well.


  1. I'm just uncomfortable in general with people feeling like they have the authority to "out" someone else... even if that person is a politician. We have a tendency to link people's romantic/sexual lives with that of their work life in the US, and that can be a huge problem and get blown WAY out of proportion, in my opinion. I don't know; I'm always tired of hearing about politician's affairs or politicians being secretly gay, or politicians doing drugs. I don't think it really matters that much honestly if they're doing their jobs well. Sure, he shouldn't have backed anti-gay legislation, but I wonder how much "outing" him actually does.

  2. I agree with Luke that outing people in this way isn't particularly useful, and isn't necessarily fair. Any person has the right to reveal or conceal their sexual orientation as they choose, and taking that right away isn't something I can support, even for anti-gay politicians.

    I am curious, however, how this (anti-gay politician caught in gay sex scandal) has become so common as to be its own trope. Is there enough internalized homophobia in enough politicians to keep them voting anti-gay while pursuing their sexualities? Is this an issue of putting politics ahead of personal beliefs? Will any of this change as gay rights become more and more accepted by the general public? Other explanations/ ideas?