Wednesday, March 11, 2015

For Some in Transgender Community, it's Never Too Late to Make a Change

A student sent me this powerful article about the experiences of people who transition later in life. The website mentioned in the article, To Survive on This Shore, includes some touching first-person narratives.

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  1. To Survive on This Shore is a really cool concept and, in my opinion, a great resource for younger transgender individuals who are unable to begin transition as soon as they'd like. I can't remember which article it was that I read, but after Alcorn's highly publicized suicide late last year, it was reported that she'd expressed (in various online forums) her frustrations about not being able to transition until she was 18 and no longer dependent on her parents for financial support. I think this project has the potential to help many youths stuck in the same position by showing them that having to wait doesn't mean postponing transitioning forever.